New acquisitions

  • by:
    Petr VACLAV
    Moloko Film / Cinéma Defacto Czech Republic / France
  • by:
    Stephan Komandarev
    Argo Film Bulgaria
  • by:
    Andrea Jublin
    GOOD FILMS Italy
  • by:
    Bao Nguyen Vietnam
  • by:
    Robert I. Douglas
    Film Douglas & Vintage Pictures Iceland, Ireland, China
  • by:
    Noaz Deshe
    Asmara Films, Shadoworks, Mocajo Film Italy, Germany, Tanzania
  • by:
    Iram HAQ
    MER FILMS Norway
  • by:
    Wilfried MEANCE
    Jean-François Moussié pour FASTPROD Wilfried Meance et Stephen Meance pour HILLDALE Sammy Hossenny pour HOSSENNY PRODUCTION France
  • by:
    Tal Granit, Sharon Maymon
    Green Productions Israel
  • by:
    Constance Meyer
    b-o-x production France
  • by:
    Sandrine Gregor
  • by:
    Jean-Frédéric EERDEKENS
    Climax Films - Olivier Rausin Belgium
  • by:
    Nash Edgerton
  • by:
    Thelyia Petraki
    Kostas Tagalakis Greece
  • by:
    Carl Bouteiller
    Christophe Chaignaud France

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In theaters

  • OCEANE by Philippe Appietto, Nathalie Sauvegrain

    Océane, a young girl from the Parisian suburbs, gets dumped on a highway station.
    She then follows a stranger, Oliboy, an odd forty-something musician who is about to do a summer tour in the south-west of France.
    Surf, Rock'n Roll and Love...

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