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Short Film

North Pole

A film by Marija Apcevska

Short Film

The Star

A film by Nadav Lapid

Short Film

The Last Marriage

A film by Johan Tappert, Gustav Egerstedt

Short Film


A film by Suzannah Mirghani

Short Film


A film by Karishma Dev Dube

Short Film

Black Goat

A film by Tang Yi

Short Film

The Night Train

A film by Jerry Carlsson

Short Film

The Present

A film by Farah Nabulsi

Short Film

Postcards from the end of the world

A film by Konstantinos Antonopoulos

Festival de Cannes 2019 - Line up

Our films at Cannes 2019SHORT FILM COMPETITIONAll Inclusive by Teemu NikkiLA SEMAINE DE LA CRITIQUEThe Last Trip to the Seaside by Adi VoicuLA QUINZAINE DES REALISATEURSPiece of Meat by Huang Junxiang, Jerrold ChongCINEFONDATIONFavourites by Martin Monk